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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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The stage of Eurovision 2015 has been officially presented!

The stage of Eurovision 2015 has been officially presented!
  • On May 7, 2015

The last time we checked in on the progress of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest stage in the Wiener Stadthalle, it was nearly complete.

Today, ORF has shared a photo of the fully-completed and ready-for-action stage!


A month to complete

Construction of the stage started on April 7, and now, a month later, the stage has been presented as complete.

At 44 meters wide and 14,3 meters tall, the actual circular stage has a diameter of 11 meters. The eye of the stage has been constructed using 1288 pillars with built-in LED lights. Behind the stage is a 26 meter wide and 8,5 meter tall LED wall, which can open right down the middle to reveal another lighting rig behind it for more intense lighting designs.

The stage was designed by German stage designer Florian Wieder, who also designed the 2011 and 2012 Eurovision stages in Düsseldorf and Baku.


“Building Bridges” configuration

Eurovision stage vienna ready eye stadthalle

The featured image shows the stage in its home configuration, using the colors and illustrations of this year’s theme, “Building Bridges.” For each performance, the stage will take on different moods through colors, lighting, and motion graphics.

The image also shows the removable stairs that the artists will use to walk onto the stage for the opening of the Grand Final, using the magic bridge of light to walk through the audience from the green room in the back.


The secret kinetic sculpture

The kinetic sculpture, consisting of 650 individually controllable balls, has not been presented yet, still being held back for a surprising element. When the company that has designed the winches that hoist the balls up and down created a post about it, it was quickly removed from their website. It will perhaps be this year’s defining feature.


The first artist rehearsal will begin on Monday, May 11, when Moldova’s rehearsal begins at 12.00 CET.


Photo: Roman Zach-Kiesling (ORF)

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