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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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Thomas from Germany wins #MyEurovisionIdea

Thomas from Germany wins #MyEurovisionIdea
  • On April 22, 2014

Back in December, DR announced they would be using crowdsourced ideas for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, asking for input from the public. This was launched with the hashtag #MyEurovisionIdea.

Now it has been revealed which idea will be brought to life in May.


29-year-old Thomas Majer from Cologne, Germany, posted his idea to Facebook, which asked why the shows always look to the past. Instead, his idea was to look into the future of the Eurovision Song Contest. Will it have aliens? Perhaps just heads on robot bodies?

“I’m very honored to be contributing to the show. I just voiced my opinion on Facebook and didn’t think I would hear anymore of it. When I was contacted by DR, who said they would use my idea, I was really proud,” said Thomas Majer to

Jan Lagermand Lundme, the 2014 Head of Show, explains why the idea was chosen: “It’s a fun idea to imagine what Eurovision will look like in the future. He’s absolutely right that there’s a lot of looking back. That’s why it’s been a fun task to figure out what the future will look like. We have used his idea as the basis and then interpreted it our way and it’s going to look really good on stage, I promise.”

As a big thank you, Thomas Majer has been invited to attend the contest where his idea will come to life. Having visited Eurovision 2010, 2011, and 2013, he is very excited to get to attend the 2014 edition as well.



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