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ESC Reporter | January 17, 2018

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"Tonight Again" is Australia's first-ever Eurovision song!

“Tonight Again” is Australia’s first-ever Eurovision song!
  • On March 16, 2015

Guy Sebastian was earlier revealed by Australian broadcaster SBS to be their first artist to enter the Eurovision Song Contest.

Now their first Eurovision song has been revealed to be the pop-R&B song “Tonight Again.”


It was first discussed by Guy and SBS that the song would come from an already produced album, but according to today’s announcement, the song has been specially produced over the past week for Eurovision.

“Truly, we jumped in the studio and let it happen because I wanted to write something fun! We all have moments you don’t want to end and you wish you could live those moments every day so I wanted to write a song about that feeling. I am sure that is how I am going to feel when I am in Vienna performing,” Guy said to


After being invited as a one-time Eurovision contender, Australia will perform in the Grand Final of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest.

Listen to “Tonight Again” below!


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