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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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Tonight: Last chance for the Swedish final

Tonight: Last chance for the Swedish final
  • On March 1, 2014

Tonight, the last two spots in the final of Melodifestivalen 2014 are up for grabs.

Eight artists have qualified for the Andra Chansen show, after having come third and fourth in the past four semi-finals. But this time, there are no second chances. Only two can make it, six will be eliminated.


The running order:

  1. Ammotrack – ”Raise Your Hands”
  2. Linus Svenning – ”Bröder”
  3. JEM – ”Love Trigger”
  4. State Of Drama – ”All We Are”
  5. Ellinore Holmer – ”En himmelsk sång”
  6. Martin Stenmarck – ”När änglarna går hem”
  7. Helena Paparizou – ”Survivor”
  8. Outtrigger – ”Echo”


Two Eurovision winners make it three

The show will be guested by last year’s Eurovision winner from Denmark, Emmelie de Forest, who will perform the 2014 Eurovision theme “Rainmaker.” 

She will also sing her winning song “Only Teardrops,” featuring Swedish Åsa Jinder, who was a part of the group Secret Garden that won Eurovision for Norway in 1995.

With Helena Paparziou, who won in 2005, the 2014 Andra Chansen breaks the record for the amount of Eurovision winners in the same Melodifestivalen show.


The voting system

As in the semi-finals, the result is entirely determined by the Swedish public, juries are not introduced until the final next week.

In the first round of voting, all acts are voted on. Then, with the first results, three acts will be eliminated, leaving five. Voting continues on the remaining five and the votes are not reset. Once this round is over, another act is eliminated, leaving four.

This is when the duels start, the trademark of Andra Chansen. The entry in first place and the entry in fourth place will battle, while the entry in second place will battle the entry in third place. However, their positions will not be revealed. For the duels, SMS-voting is not allowed, only by telephone.

The winner of each duel wins a spot in the final.


First post-scandal show

This is the first show that airs after the scandal that broke out in the Swedish media during the past week. It appears that an individual has received payment from a Melodifestivalen competitor to use an automated bot to mass-vote for their entry, voting as many as 2.500 times. In the tight voting of Melodifestivalen, this is more than enough to make a difference. In last year’s Andra Chansen, less votes separated eventual winner Robin Stjernberg from Martin Rolinski.

Even worse, the Melodifestivalen rules do not state anything against this practice, as people are free to vote as many times as they please for their favorite entry, only limited by how fast they can type on their phones. This obviously did not take a computer system into account, but is not against the rules. However, a rule change was quickly implemented as an extension of the existing rule that states that performers are not allowed to do paid advertising for their Melodifestivalen entries.

SVT has since stated that they are aware of who received the many automated robotic votes, but it did not affect the final outcome. Also, it was not against the rules at the time. The channel has previously been aware of the problem, but has only considered it “unethical.”

As a consequence, several betting companies have suspended their Melodifestivalen betting for the rest of the season, including state-owned Svenska Spel, as they did not consider SVT’s solution good enough. A better solution is expected for the 2015 edition.



Andra Chansen starts at 20:00 CET live from Lidköping and can be watched on SVT1 and SVT Play online.

Click here to watch!


Photos: Olle Kirchmeier / SVT

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