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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Tonight: MGP 2014 final - Norway chooses for Copenhagen!

Tonight: MGP 2014 final – Norway chooses for Copenhagen!
  • On March 15, 2014

After a regular Melodi Grand Prix weekend last week, with semi-finals airing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, time has come for Norway to choose their entry for Copenhagen.

Tonight, nine artists are ready to perform their songs for the Norwegian audience, in a show live from Oslo Spektrum!


The show will be hosted Erik Solbakken and Jenny Skavlan, as last year.


The running order

1. El Cuero – Ain’t no Love (In This City no More)
Music: Brynjar Takle Ohr, B.L. Rolland
Lyrics: Brynjar Takle Ohr, Øyvind Blomstrøm, Håvard Takle Ohr

2. Elisabeth Carew – Sole Survivor
Music and lyrics: Elisabeth Carew, David Eriksen, Simon Climie, Mats Lie Skåre

3. Knut Kippersund Nesdal – Taste of You
Music: Magnus Hængsle og Jenny Moe
Lyrics: Jenny Moe

4. Dina Misund – “Needs”
Music: Dina Misund
Lyrics: Frode Bjørgmo Strømsvik

5. Mo – Heal
Music and lyrics: Laila Samuelsen

6. Linnea Dale – High Hopes
Music and lyrics: Linnea Dale og Kim Bergseth

7. Charlie – Hit Me Up
Music and lyrics: Melanie Fontana, Jon Asher, Lars Hustoft

8. Carl Espen – Silent Storm
Music and lyrics: Josefin Winther

9. Oda & Wulff – Sing
Music and lyrics: Christer Wulff


Carl Espen is the favorite – along with Norway

Before the show, betting odds show Carl Espen as the big favorite to win the show, followed by Linnea Dale and Elisabeth Carew.

But, before having even chosen their representative, Norway is the top favorite to win everything in Copenhagen in May. Time will show if this sticks once the winner has been found tonight.


Norwegian people have the power

The juries have been removed this year, as the power lies fully with the Norwegian people to choose their entry. Voting opens as soon as the show starts.

The show is split in two, by a 40 minute break. The second half starts at 21:45 CET, where the Gold Final will be revealed and four entries will get to perform their songs again.


A rough start for a new format

This year’s Melodi Grand Prix in Norway marked the beginning of a new concept for the show that first aired in 1960 and has been used for every Norwegian entry into Eurovision since, except for a single internal pick in 1991. Norway has entered Eurovision every year since their debut in 1960, except for 1970 and 2002.

The new format replaces the traveling semi-final format introduced in 2006, modeled after the Swedish Melodifestivalen. Instead of a semi-final in a new city every Saturday night, three semi-finals aired over three consecutive nights last weekend.

But the semi-finals have achieved the lowest ratings ever, coming in at 551.000 for the Sunday show. Ticket sales have also underperformed, with Folkteatret not filling up for the broadcasts, forcing NRK to get people to move up towards the stage.

The new concept aims to put the music front and center, getting closer to the artists, but is perhaps alienating loyal fans of the show. This is at least the theory of Åge Sten Nilsen, who represented Norway in 2005 as the lead singer in Wig Wam. “Those who love glam and glitter have lost their concept. NRK wishes to make MGP a more musical thing, where party, glam, and glitter, and everything MGP is usually known for, is removed – and it’s obvious that it offends those who love MGP,” he said to VG. He jokes that Wig Wam would have been complete out of place in this year’s show.

However, the glam and glitter lovers should not fear for Saturday’s final. Vivi Stenberg, head of MGP, promises that the glitter guns have been loaded and the pyro machines charged, for a show much larger than the semi-finals.


When: 19:55 CET
How: NRK stream – stream


When joining in on the conversation on Twitter, the official hashtag is #NRKmgp.

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