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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Troels Lund is your 2014 multi-camera director

Troels Lund is your 2014 multi-camera director
  • On May 1, 2014

When the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 is broadcast to millions of people all over Europe, it is Troels Lund who will decide from what angles you will see it all, as he is the 2014 multi-camera director.

Twenty-three cameras will cover the arena, all directed by Troels Lund.


The camera direction has one of the biggest influences on the impression that the viewer will get of each performance, setting the pace and a lot of the story.

The director has spent a long time meticulously planning every shot in advance through a program, but this means it will in fact be a computer that controls the live feed on the nights.

In this way, the camera cuts will come exactly as planned, for example cutting at a break in a song, and will eliminate the change of human error by the director missing a cue by a few seconds. It is, perhaps, the first time this has ever been done as Eurovision, as it is much more common to manually control the camera cuts.

Ultimately, it is each delegation that has the final say in the camera work, and in the first rehearsal week this is all discussed and changed to their liking.


You can watch an interview with the director here:


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