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ESC Reporter | January 24, 2018

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Turkey won’t be in Vienna

Turkey won’t be in Vienna

| On 06, Sep 2014

For the third year in a row, we won’t see Turkey on the Eurovision stage.

Due to the huge possibility of Turkey’s return, none other than the head of TRT, İbrahim Şahin, announced that Turkey won’t be in Eurovision 2015 which will be held in Vienna.

He also added that the reason why Turkey won’t be in Vienna is that the rules haven’t changed yet. He continued by saying that Eurovision lacks professional voting.

Kenan Williams spoke on the possibility that he will represent Turkey by saying, “I am so sorry to tell you that we failed again. We all worked really hard for this, but I don’t support this government and their rules. I never will. Arkadaslar, desteginiz icin cok tesekkür ederim. Cok üzgünüm.”

Also, Kenan left this message on his Twitter account yesterday:


Listen to the entry that was to be for Eurovision 2015 here:

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