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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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TVE asks the Spanish contestants to sing in Spanish

TVE asks the Spanish contestants to sing in Spanish
Alvaro Sanabria

The Spanish broadcaster RTVE has decided that all the contestants in the Spanish national final will have to sing their songs at least partially in the national language, Spanish.

This decision has taken three of the contestants by surprise, having submitted their songs entirely in English.


A way to represent our culture

Some of the contestants have welcomed the decision of RTVE.  Maria Isabel, for example, is reminded of how she won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with a song in Spanish.

Maverick, who is competing with a song with latino sounds, agrees with the internal decision: “It’s a way to represent our culture. Spanish is a beautiful language. I think that singing in Eurovision using your own language is something very special,” he said. “If the song is good, why not sing in Spanish? Music goes beyond borders and languages,” added Salvador Beltrán.


English is a more international language

However, not all the contestants are happy with this decision. In an interview with ABC, Barei disagrees with the broadcaster’s decision “I have nothing against singing in our language, but I want to make a music career singing in English. We have to accept that English is a more international language. Austria, Sweden, and Denmark won Eurovision singing in English.”

Electric Nana is also surprised: “When I submitted my song in English, they loved it. It is true that they later told me they would like if I sing at least one part of the song in Spanish, but I thought it was just a suggestion.”


Juries to be international

RTVE has further revealed that an international jury will vote for the six entries during the national final. Federico Llano, the RTVE deputy director for the festival, has announced that the final will take place in February and that both the public and the jury will vote for their favorite entries.


Photo: RTVE / Electric Nana

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