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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Ukraine selects for Junior Eurovision 2015...tonight!

Ukraine selects for Junior Eurovision 2015…tonight!
Eric Nocito

Tonight, the Ukrainian national final for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 will take place!

After a running order draw on August 20 at the NTU studio, we now have an inside look on how the final will look. Voice Land chose the first song of the night, while Viktoriia Sviatogor chose the last. The remainder of the running order has been decided by the director and producer of the show.
The full running order:

  1. Voice Land (show-group)Dytynstvo (Childhood)
  2. Anastsiia TkachukMoia zemlia (My land)
  3. Fresh (band) Zhyvy na povnu (Live to the full extent)
  4. Alisa PanchukSpivai (Sing)
  5. Katriona HannahFly
  6. Zabava (group)Lety (Fly)
  7. Nina BoikovaRozmaliui moi sny (Colour my dreams)
  8. Mariia KarogodskaV sertsi musyka ie (There is music in the heart)
  9. Sofiia DobryvecherMy khochemo myru (We want to have peace)
  10. Anna TrincherPochny z sebe (Start with yourself)
  11. Sofiia IaremovaSalsa
  12. Iaryna TarasPovir u chudesa (Believe in miracles)
  13. Nazarii StinianskyiCome on
  14. Viktoriia SviatogorSylna. Vilna (Strong. Free)


The final of “Dytyache Evrobachennya 2015” will take place at the beach complex “Olmeca Plage” on the Dnipro River in Kyiv.

The winner will be selected by 50% jury voting and 50% televoting. There is a limit of 20 SMS per finalist per telephone number. If a tie happens, the finalist with the most jury points will be named the winner.

Special guests tonight include: Zlata Ognevich (Eurovision 2013) and Oleksandr Ponomariov (Eurovison 2003). More special guests to appear onstage.

The hosts will be Timur Miroshnychenko, commentator of Eurovision and Junior Eurovision and host of Junior Eurovision 2008 and 2014, Roman Koliada, TV and radio presenter, and Sofia Tarasova from Junior Eurovision 2013.

The final broadcasts live tonight at 17:30 CET (18:30 local time) on channel UA:Pershyi and online at with English commentary.

Watch the running order draw below:




Photo credit: NTU

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