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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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Ukraine withdraws from Eurovision!

Ukraine withdraws from Eurovision!
Eric Nocito

After an extremely successful and uninterrupted run in Eurovision, Ukrainian national broadcaster, NTU, has revealed the sad news that Ukraine will take a year off from Eurovision, missing out on the 60th edition in Vienna, Austria.

NTU cites the current financial, political, and military strain that the country is feeling, especially since the invasion of Ukraine, annexation of Ukrainian territories by Russia, the crash of flight MH17, and Moscow’s support for Novorossiya.

Supporting NTU in this decision were numerous famous┬ásingers of Ukraine, who refused the opportunity to participate in Eurovision in Ukraine’s current state.

“We consulted with many artists, and they said they would not take part in the competition, with only those reasons that now is not the time for fun. And the money that would be spent on the national final of Eurovision 2015 will be better spent on more important needs,” said Vlad Baginskiy, the producer of creative association of music programs NTU.

NTU is currently working on an agreement with the EBU to broadcast the semi-finals and the final in 2015 and promises to return to Eurovision in 2016.


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