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ESC Reporter | January 19, 2018

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Very first sneak peek of the Eurovision stage and venue plans

Very first sneak peek of the Eurovision stage and venue plans
  • On March 19, 2014

Monday saw the Heads of Delegations meeting in Copenhagen, where the delegation representatives from the 37 participating countries came together and got a presentation of the Danish plans for Eurovision.

This included a tour of Eurovision Island and B&W Hallerne, which are currently in the last phases of conversion, with stage construction underway.


The stage will be big

Christer Björkman, head of the Swedish delegation and in charge of last year’s Eurovision, told SVT that stage drawings presented to them looked very promising. “It’s back to being large. Both the stage and the lights are gigantic, Moscow-large,” he described, referring to the enormous stage built for the 2009 edition.

The Head of Show for this year’s Eurovision, Jan Lagermand Lundme, does not quite agree on the comparison though. “It won’t be like Moscow, but it is big in B&W Hallerne. And you will be impressed when you step into the space with 68 meters to the ceiling,” he said to

He continues to state that no previews will be released until the stage is finished. This should be no later than April 14, when the stand-in rehearsals start.


The first previews visible

But in spite of this, stage drawings and other visual plans have been left in plain sight in both the video from the meeting and the pictures published by host broadcaster DR.



If you zoom in on the picture below, to the right is what appears to be a technical 3D CAD drawing of the stage, which is not meant to visualize lighting or mood, but simply the physical elements. The center image shows the entrance hall.

Illustrations March 17

Stage technical drawing


A better view is available in the video. The illustration below, behind Christer Björkman, shows people standing on a stage that appears to be diamond shaped, inside a large, square box, with crowd fences in white for the standing Fan Zone.

In the above image, it also appears that the Fan Zone is in the shape of a triangle, with what could be the green room behind it. This would enclose the Fan Zone between the stage and the green room.

Stage technical drawing 2


The large box fits the square shape shown in the seating chart for the venue.

Floor plan March seating


Is water an element?

Why place the stage in such a large, rectangular box? Could this be the year that the stage will include water, as has been speculated for many Eurovision stages, never materializing? It would certainly fit the “Eurovision Island” name.

DR has experience creating stages with water, having used it most recently for the 2010 edition of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, designed by the same stage designer, Claus Zier, plunging the hosts into the water.



At the presentation, an illustration of what a 2D wirecam shot would look like is also visible, though it is almost impossible to make anything out.

Stage visualization


The grid

Behind the stage is the large, metal grid that was being moved into the venue earlier and which can be seen currently under construction, shaped in a V to fit a diamond shape.

Stage construction and drawing



The entrance hall and route

With the audience grandstands being placed in a horseshoe, not facing the long end of the larger hall but extending into the second smaller hall, a space opens up in the end of the larger hall. This is where the audience will enter and where an inviting entry hall will be established, highlighted in blue below.

A visualization of the entry route can also be seen, using the backside of the complex leading up to the entry hall.

Eurovision Island March 17


A view inside the entry hall, with lighting spheres and the backside of the grandstands.

Entrance hall


A view of the entry route leading up to the entry hall, with stacked containers and angular objects that may serve to entertain the crowd in an effort to delay them from all leaving at the same time.

Entrance way


All of these speculations have about a month left to live, before the island opens up to delegations, fans, and press from all over the world, revealing the many plans that DR has spent months creating.


Photos: Michael Søndergaard / DR,

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