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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Watch: First Eurovision preview show in Sweden

Watch: First Eurovision preview show in Sweden
  • On April 6, 2014

The Swedish Eurovision preview show “Inför Eurovision Song Contest 2014” aired Friday, where hosts Christer Björkman and Malin Olsson commented on the first nine entries.

They were joined by guest hosts Rennie Miro, who was the 2013 Head of Delegation for Sweden, and Kitty Jutbring.


The panel analyzed and judged the entries from Estonia, Armenia, Belgium, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Sweden, Russia, and Albania.

The second episode will feature Dennis Bröchner of Pink Pistols and Linda Bengtzing, who both competed in this year’s Melodifestivalen. The third episode will have Charlotte Perrelli and Christer Lindarw as guests hosts, while Linda Hedlund of Alcazar and Henrik Torehammar join the last show.

Friday’s show was the first of four, airing over the next four Fridays, and in each a winner will be declared. In the last episode, the panel will have to agree on which song is the best in this year’s Eurovision.


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The panel’s comments:

Estonia – Tanja: Kitty jokes that Danny Saucedo’s “Amazing” was better, but comments that the song must be inspired by the Swedish winner “Euphoria” by Loreen. She thinks it uses a good recipe that sticks with people. Christer thinks the song is a little forgettable and lacks identity. Rennie mentions that the elaborate dancing could give it that identity, though she needs to be in great physical shape to pull it off.

Armenia – Aram Mp3: Rennie thinks the song is very dramatic and can do really well. Malin thinks the song builds a little slow, but Christer believes it’s good to hold back a little and that it’s well composed, by Aram himself. He is sure that it will cross cultural barriers. Kitty thinks it’s very cool that it builds into a dubstep ballad and believes it will appeal widely.

Belgium – Axel Hirsoux: Malin is convinced that Axel still lives with his mom. Christer is a little depressed by the song and feels it’s strange, but thinks it could divide the viewers. Malin asks if he can’t win the mommy-votes all over Europe, but Kitty isn’t sure any mom would want a son that dependent. As for the dancer in the performance, Rennie thinks it’s a perfect example of when dancing doesn’t work. Kitty thinks it may win votes based on his vocal performance.

Latvia – Aarzemnieki: Kitty is confused and can’t figure out if they’re for real or joking. Christer thinks it’s a combination of the two, but that it’s charming and makes him happy. He compares it to Malta’s song last year, Gianluca’s “Tomorrow,” which did well and he thinks it could make it to the top 10, which surprises Malin.

Azerbaijan – Dilara Kazimova: Malin thinks it’s beautiful and Christer agrees, though he questions if the song is too serious. He is sure it will make it to the final, but thinks its position in the final will make or break it. Kitty thinks it’s as close as you can get to Kate Bush in Eurovision, which she likes, but it feels a little pretentious to her.

Iceland – Pollapönk: Everybody is laughing as the song ends and Malin really likes it, it gets her going. Rennie thinks it’s very cool and that they are singing about an important topic, but doesn’t think it will work in the contest. Kitty hopes they will keep the rainbow colors for their performance and that it feels genuine. She likes the sound of the song, which she feels is a little 90’s, a little Pixies, and a little Blink-182.

Sweden – Sanna Nielsen: Malin says the panel should try to view the Swedish entry from the outside when judging the Swedish song. Rennie thinks Sanna does what she does very well, commenting that it’s not an easy song to sing. He thinks the song is well written and that it brings out a lot of emotions. Kitty asks what makes it stand out and Christer mentions that there indeed is a lot of good ballads this year. Kitty questions if the “yodeling” in the chorus of the song makes it harder to hum after you’ve heard it, like Robin’s song last year, but Christer doesn’t think it’s a problem. Malin thinks it has a lot of heart which gives her goosebumps.

Russia – Tomalchevy Sisters: Malin thinks the song is really boring and a song she would go to the bathroom during. Kitty is reminded by Vanessa Paradis in the production of the song, a 60’s feel, which she likes. Rennie thinks they lack charisma, but it could do well if they manage to get that. Christer is more worried about the prospect of Russia winning and hosting the contest and what then would happen, but just wants to move on to the next song.

Albania – Hersi Matmuja: Kitty thinks it’s a little Joni Mitchell, a little Shakira, and a little Nightwish towards the end. Malin thinks it’s too bad they’ve done away with the symphonic orchestra of the original version. Christer thinks it’s hard to judge from the video, because it’s very much a live song and that she performs very well, but isn’t sure if it will make it to the final. Rennie has trouble imagining what it will be like and doesn’t get much from the video, but thinks it will be cool to see her on stage.


The panel then had to agree on the best of the nine songs they heard. They had trouble dealing with their Swedish bias and decided to not vote for Sanna. They were quick to agree that they liked both Estonia and Armenia and took a vote. Kitty voted for Estonia, Rennie voted for Armenia, Christer voted for Armenia, and Malin also voted for Armenia, after considering Estonia.

The panel thus decided that of the nine songs, Armenia has the best chance of doing well in Copenhagen.


The next preview show airs next Friday, at 21:00 CET, on SVT1.

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