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ESC Reporter | December 17, 2017

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Watch the performances from Belgium's first show!

Watch the performances from Belgium’s first show!
Emma Kiernan

Last night, the first show in the Belgian selection process took place.

The first show was not a competition, but rather a display of each acts talents as each of them performed a cover of a Eurovision song.


The performances


  • First to perform a Eurovision cover was Astrid singing “Every way That I Can”.


  • Second performing was Laura who sang a cover of “Dum Tek Tek”.


  • Adil performed “Hold Me Now”.


  • Tom performed Belgium’s entry from last year, “Rhythm Inside”.


  • Lastly, Amaryllis performed “Euphoria”.


Featuring Alexander Rybak

There to give their opinions after each song were Stijn Kolacny and Eurovision winner, Alexander Rybak.

At the end of the show, all five acts performed last year’s winning song, “Heroes”. You can watch the performance of that below.



Belgium’s semi-final will take place next Sunday, January 10.


Photo: VRT

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