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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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"We should start changes by looking at ourselves" - Aram Mp3 interview

“We should start changes by looking at ourselves” – Aram Mp3 interview
Eric Nocito

With Eurovision 2015 fastly approaching, we took a moment to look back at a participant of Eurovision 2014, Aram Mp3. We asked Aram about his new single, memories of Eurovision, and his thoughts on the 2015 Armenian group, Genealogy.



You have recently released another single since Eurovision 2014, called “Help.” What is the song about?

Well, actually it is the second single, after my song “Magic.”

“Help” is call to human kind to stop asking help from elsewhere, when the solution is in our hands. We are used to blame everyone around in the horrible situation we have to nowadays. I see so much cruelty, anger and hate in this world and I see people hoping that someone should stop it. I am sure that each of us is the starting point in changing the world into a kinder place, we should start changes by looking at ourselves.

Lyrics are written by my good friend and colleague Garik Papoyan. We also used Charlie Chaplin’s great quote, saying that people have the enormous power, so let’s use it for spreading love and not creating war machines.



“We used the symbolism concept
while making the video”



The music video for “Help” features huge versions of various objects like sewing machines and even a catfish.

Of course, the video clip supplements the song message. As you have mentioned and noticed, we used the symbolism concept while making the video and I am sure each of us will see different meaning for each symbol and will have different associations every element.

Just one example, regarding the catfish you mentioned. During the clip we see the catfish in all its beauty, but in the end it is caught in the trap made by humankind and you can see that beautiful creature suffering. So the viewers might think about the human’s cruelty, but there might be other thoughts and versions as well. I don’t want to describe the meaning of each shot, giving space for creativity to each of the viewers.


Can you explain to us the concept of the music video?

My hero in the clip wonders in the world, looks at the current situation in the world and cries out for help. So he wonders and sees the world in the condition he doesn’t want to see, like he sees that wonderful fish caught in the trap. As you mentioned, he thinks he is a tiny man in the world and can’t do anything…though I am sure if we all unite together for a kind goal, we will definitely succeed. Until, everyone will think that they can’t change anything in this world that would be repeating again and again.



“Help” video shoot



Are you planning on releasing an album?

Yes, I am working hard on the development of the album now and you might enjoy it this year. “Not Alone”, “Help” and other new songs will be included in the album. However the release date will be a surprise for you. I will be updating my fans via my social media accounts, so follow me to be tuned!



“Eurovision in Denmark was
a lifetime experience for me”



How was your experience at Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen?

Eurovision in Denmark was a lifetime experience for me and I fully enjoyed it. Firstly because I gained so many new friends from different countries, as well as due to increase in the number of my musical fans. The schedule of course was very tough, but at the same time I have spent days full of excitement, new impressions and ideas. I expected that the contest would take most of my energy and time, but along with that it gave me inspiration for couple of future projects. I would definitely recommend to any musical artist who wishes to gain international popularity. This song contest can be a challenge, but once you’ve experienced it, it becomes one of the best memories in the life.


Will you be supporting Genealogy, Armenia’s represenatatives for 2015 in Vienna?

Of course, I will keep my fingers crossed for them!! I am very excited by this year’s concept and I hope the international audience will love it. As you may know 2015 is a very important year for all Armenians in the world, as it is the 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide. My song “Help” is also a reminder about the human cruelty and that it should be punished. Armenian diaspora is very united and I guess the song concept illustrates that ties all over the world. I will all the best to my colleagues and hope they will enjoy that experience in Austria.


Would you like to return to Eurovision in the future?

Everyone knows me as a man who loves surprises…so my answer will be- maybe ;)



“Help” video shoot



Finally, do you have a message for the readers of ESC Reporter?

First of all thanks for the great job you do, ESC Reporter team!

As I have tones of plans for this year, I recommend to subscribe to my YouTube channel and join me on FB to be tuned. And of course follow Eurovision, the hot times are coming. Take care and HELP to make the world better place.



Aram Mp3 “Help”



Photos: Aram Mp3 Facebook page

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