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ESC Reporter | January 19, 2018

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Week 1 results of Melodifestivalen 2016

Week 1 results of Melodifestivalen 2016
Kevin Lee

After a week of heavy news from Charlotte Perrelli being pulled as co-host, Anna Book being disqualified, wrong voting telephone numbers being printed in the newspapers, and contestant Oscar Zia coming out of the closet, Melodifestivalen got the chance to do what it does best… put on a great show.

Road to Victory

After a montage of Måns‘ journey from last year’s MelFest to Eurovision winner, the show opened up live from Gothenburg, with Gina Dirawi and Petra Mede at a bus stop. You could tell it was fake right away as no one in Sweden sits that close together at a bus stop.


The Opening Number

Our co-host would then break out into song lamenting just how horrible life is in the winter, that is until they shed their Jedi robes and sang cheerfully about a party for all of Sweden…Melodifestivalen.

After the usual introduction to the show and voting rules and a joke about the Semi-Final format being 15 years old, as old as that Las Ketchup song, the hosts would introduce our first contestant.


Då Kör Vi (Let the Contest Begin)

Samir & ViktorBada Nakna (Bathe Naked)

In an energetic opening, Samir & Viktor took the stage with their song “Bada Nakna”. Similarly to last year the duo danced around on stage with back up dancers eventually jumping in a shallow fountain and pool symbolising a fountain in Sergels Torg. Located in Stockholm the fountain is a favourite for students to swim in when they graduate. This was followed by the singers taking off their tops to finish the song.

Samir & Viktor

Samir & Viktor


Pernilla AnderssonMitt guld (My gold)

Pernilla Andersson next took the stage for a ballad which slowed down the pace of the show. Pernilla with her soothing voice, alongside a featured harp for the song Mitt guld was a way for SVT to showcase different energy levels for the program.

Pernilla Andersson

Pernilla Andersson


Mimi WernerAin’t No Good

In a change of pace, Mimi Werner would come out with high energy which got the audience bopping up and down in their seats as she line danced around the stage in her western cowgirl outfit cooing you “Ain’t No Good” for me.

Mimi Werner

Mimi Werner


Albin & MattiasRik

In a combo of rap and vocals, Albin & Mattias were up next with “Rik“. The song sounded nice, however the staging was probably not the most polished, this showed the strength of Samir & Viktor‘s performance and how stage presence can outweigh vocal performance.

Albin & Mattias


Robin BengtssonConstellation Prize

Former Idol contestant Robin Bengtsson surprised everyone with the great midtempo song “Constellation Prize“. Reminiscent of “Diamonds” by Rihanna in certain parts mixed with a catchy harmonica hook, the song draws you in quickly with the nice 70s-esque staging to match.

Robin Bengtsson

Robin Bengtsson


Ace WilderDon’t Worry

Lastly we had Ace Wilder, the favourite of the night, due to it’s placement in the running order, and her strong placing at the contest two years ago. Ace brought back that same energy from two years ago and more. With multiple dancing Ace’s, and fun choreography, the song will surely be playing in Sweden all summer long.

Ace Wilder

Ace Wilder

Interval Act – The Musical Comes Back

In the similar light as the “Sweden The Musical” by Petra Mede at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, we get another fun musical number. This time about how the Eurovision wins  is bankrupting SVT. The moral of the song, stop voting for winning songs.


First Elimination

The first elimination was revealed to have been Pernilla Andersson.


Disqualified Anna Book Comes Back

We were then treated to a performance by Anna Book with her song “Himmel för två” which was disqualified a couple of days ago. The catchy song with its fun energy, choreography, and stage set got a thunderous applause from the audience showing their support for Anna.


The Ketchup Song Jokes Punchline

After a night of jokes about “The Ketchup Song”, SVT surprised us with a performance of the song by Las Ketchup getting various crew members including veteran stage manager Henke and a dragon dancing along.


The Last of The Results

At the end it was revealed Ace Wilder and Robin Bengtsson would go to the finals while Albin & Mattias and Samir & Viktor would go to second chance. The contest continues next week with seven hopefuls from the home of Eurovision 2013 in Malmö.


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