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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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What's happening today: Day 9

What’s happening today: Day 9
  • On May 6, 2014

Today we have the open rehearsals for the Big 5, plus host country Denmark, where the press is allowed inside the venue to film and photograph.

It is of course also tonight that the first Semi-Final will air, and we will find out who will qualify!



Tuesday, May 6, 2014



10:30 – 12:55 CET

Open rehearsals of Big 5 + Denmark

  • Stay tuned for our live report, with photos and video!


15:00 – 17:00

Third Dress Rehearsal of Semi-Final 1 – the family show


21:00 – 23:00 CET

LIVE – Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – Semi-Final 1




23:30 – 00:15 CET

The Winners’ Press Conference

The qualifiers of the first Semi-Final meet the press at the press center.




16:00 – 16:15

Poland performs – Donatan & Cleo


16:30 – 16:45

Georgia performs – Mariko and The Shin




19:30 – 04:00 CET

Official Semi-Final 1 afterparty

Watch Semifinal 1 on a huge screen with superb sound in awesome surroundings
Quizzes and sing-along
Fan and press photo sessions
It’s all about songwriting (Song writer’s challenge)
Krista Siegfrieds (Finland 2013)
Malta (Firelight)
Tim Schou (From A Friend In London – Denmark 2011)
Drama Queen (Denmark 2007)
EuroFalsh (Israel)
DJ Pini Zilber (Israel)
DJ Alan (Sydney), (Australia)


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