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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Will a Ukrainian represent UK?

Will a Ukrainian represent UK?
Eric Nocito

As each participating country starts choosing their entries for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, a campaign appears to be building in support of sending Ukrainian singer Kamaliya as the United Kingdom’s entrant.

Kamaliya is well-known in the television and singing realm of Ukraine.  She is also the 2008 winner of the “Mrs. World” competition.  Two years ago, she relocated to London with her husband, where she began a brand-new English-language singing career.

After her first single “Butterflies” became a massive hit, she followed it up with the song “I’m Alive,” which proved even more successful in the UK and also, Germany and Poland.  Currently, Kamaliya is on her third single “Love Me Like” and welcomed the release of her album “Club Opera” on November 18.

Kamaliya is also now starring on the British reality show “Meet the Russians,” along with her husband, Mohammad Zahoor.  Her increased exposure may be the reason her UK fans are pushing so hard for her to represent the country at Eurovision 2014.

Also, back in 2011, Kamaliya was a member of the jury of the Ukrainian preselection for Eurovision 2011. She  performed her song “Waiting” during the interval act.

Kamaliya acknowledged these rumors on her twitter here:

and here…

…and here!


Stay tuned on an exclusive interview with Kamaliya herself!


Kamaliya – “I’m Alive”


Kamaliya – “Love Me Like”


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