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ESC Reporter | January 19, 2018

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Will Turkey return to Eurovision?

Will Turkey return to Eurovision?
  • On August 10, 2014

Maybe a surprise today from Turkey. Will Turkey really return to Eurovision?

In 2014, Turkey’s national broadcaster, TRT, announced that they would not be participating in the contest for the second year in a row, and later reported that a return in 2015 is possible.


In February 2014, Sietse Bakker, Event Supervisor of Eurovision, tweeted about the possibility of the country’s return. Despite the rumours of the Turkey’s return, a member of the government party AKP reported, during a press conference, that Turkey will no longer participate in Eurovision and they will concentrate on Turkvizyon Song Contest instead, which was organized for the first time in late 2013.

This morning, Wikipedia displayed that Turkey confirmed their participation in Vienna, a move that was quickly removed.

TRT has yet to confirm their participation or non-participation for Eurovision 2015.


Will Turkey return in 2015?

  • Dan

    Do not believe Wikipedia, anyone can edit it. That could have been me deliberately putting that information in and then removing it in order to cause a big non existent rumour.

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