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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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ZAA will represent Serbia at Eurovision 2016!

ZAA will represent Serbia at Eurovision 2016!
Alvaro Sanabria


Sanja Vučić was selected by the Serbian broadcaster, RTS to represent Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm.  She will use the stage name ‘ZAA’ which is also the name of the band she performs with.


Serbia’s Song For Eurovision

ZAA will perform her Eurovision entry “Goodbye” for the first time in the TV-show, Serbia’s Song for Europe, on March 12 at 21:00 CET. As it was anticipated by the head of the Serbian delegation, this year Serbia decided to introduce a young, talented singer to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest.  According to the head of the Serbian Delegation Dragan Ilić, ZAA was selected with the help of RTS music editors who took part in the process.


Sanja Vučić music career

In spite of being a “new artist,” Sanja has worked on her music career since she was a child.  ZAA was a member the ethnic music band Bele vile (White Fairies), has played for a jazz orchestra, and the church choir “Sveti Knez Lazar” (Saint Prince Lazar) with which she toured Hungary, Belarus and Poland.

She also attended master singing classes held by the famous opera singer Katarina Jovanović.
Since April 2012, she has been a member of the crossover band called ZAA, performing in 100 concerts in the region (at festivals like Exit, Love Fest, Nishville, Arsenal Fest, Overjam Reggae Festival in Slovenia, Lake Fest in Nikšić, etc.).

She has recorded a studio album called “What About” as part of ZAA. In addition, she has worked with numerous authors and musicians as a studio singer for radio and TV jingles, advertisements, and corporate videos.



Having so many projects in her agenda, Sanja Vučić is not ready to say “Goodbye” as her song may indicate.  On the opposite, representing her country with the song “Goodbye” has allowed her to work with the composer and songwriter Ivana Peters.  Peters wrote the lyrics and music of her future entry in Stockholm.

Peters has a music career in Serbia as a musician and songwriter for her rock band “Negativ.”  She also took part of the 2004 Eurovision national selection with the song “Zbunjena” (“Confused”).

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